Our Vision

Our Vision

We aim to change the way stories are read.  

Why we think it is important to read to your kids

We believe, reading:

  • Improves communication skills
  • Increases development of speech skills
  • Enhances concentration
  • Makes the child more culturally aware
  • Develops the child’s imagination
  • Focuses the mind
  • Exercises the brain
  • Improves academic performance

You should also read because…

Well, reading is fun… and what is more fun than actually seeing yourself and some of your amazing family adventures in these books?

In the age of digital distractions, dedicating time to reading to your kids every night gives them the assurance and comfort that you are there for them, and that this is an activity they can look forward to regularly!

We want Picabook to be the storybook that makes reading a fun-loving experience for the entire family and offers you that quality time you deserve with your little ones.

We, at Picabook, put you at the heart of our stories.


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