We are on our way…

It’s almost the end of the year; we had aimed to complete this project and have the business launched and out to customers before year end. Well, we accomplished it… kind of.

I have been like that crazy entrepreneur these last few months, chasing people down (hunting them might be more like it), ensuring deadlines are met and checking bits and pieces here and there to make sure everything is in order.

A few weeks ago, we decided that we were never going to get it 100% right and so it was worth a ‘soft launch’ to a target audience.  We would learn from feedback and iterate as we went along.  In the end, this whole business was a learning experience.  And so, off we went in early October.

Orders were received.

Stories were written.

The artwork was created and families drawn.

Books were printed.

And they were shipped.

And then… we waited, and waited, and waited.

Until the first bits of feedback came.

“The kids are hooked!  They can’t let go”, said one mom.

“That looks like us… Oh my god, it is us!”, shrieked another set of kids.

And with that feedback, we knew we were on our way.  We had started to achieve what we had set out to do and were now ready for the big game.  It’s just a matter of getting these final bits and pieces together and then we would have accomplished what we set out to do – ‘change the way stories are read’.  Stay tuned and follow along on our journey – hopefully this is just the beginning of a long ride!