Picabook and Festivals Go Hand in Hand

We are coming towards the end of the year.  The months of October onwards are generally the festive months in most parts of the world.  Not to say that there aren’t festivities during the rest of the year, but it feels like a large concentration of them occurs between the months of October through December.

In India, you have the festival of lights – Diwali; in the US, as you head off towards the end of November, there is Thanksgiving; and then of course there is Christmas and New Year’s Eve, which are eagerly celebrated by kids around the worldThere is a lot to celebrate in a very short span of time.  As a child, you look forward to (I know I used to) this time of the year.  It means – time off from school, visits from family and friends, lots of sweets and of course, gifts!  If you’re lucky and your parents are the adventurous kind, you could be off for a holiday somewhere as well during this season.

Holidays are also a time for family; the warmth, the cheer, the festivities all bring people close together.  Not only is there greater love and appreciation for your near and dear ones, but also for other members of the family – grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and people you may not have seen for a while.

And given a Picabook is all about bringing families together, about spending quality time with one another and sharing memories, we figured, it would be the best gift one could give during the festive season.  As we grow, and as we ramp up operations, we will be aiming to have story books covering family traditions for each of these holidays.  The stories will aim to (a) educate kids about the significance of these holidays; and (b) provide lasting memories for how their family traditions are carried out on these important festivals.

Until then, as we are already into November, we can wish you a happy and festive holiday season (whichever one it is you celebrate) and of course, happy reading!